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October 19, 2017
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The Road Less Traveled

Flying in an airplane is a convenient way to get from Point A to Point B in a short amount of time, but I much prefer taking road trips! Let’s be honest…flights can be pricey, airplane seats are uncomfortable, you can’t go outside to stretch your legs, and the biggest missing piece – there are so many fun stops to make along the way if you are driving! My husband and I love to travel. It’s the journey to the destination that can be the best part of the vacation! One of our favorite things to do is get off the main road in search of “cute little towns”, eat and shop local, and explore the area!

If you are like us and enjoy road trips, you’ve assuredly gone through the checklist of to-do’s before making your departure – airing up your tires, changing your oil, packing all the necessities, etc. But have you thought about checking your auto insurance policy before departing for your trip?

Here are a few tips to make sure you are covered properly before taking off:

  1. Carry roadside assistance and rental coverage on your policy – If you were to break down or be involved in an accident, these coverages can help get assistance to you quickly and in a rental car if necessary.
  2. Take a copy of your ID card – If renting a vehicle for your trip, rental car companies will require proof of insurance with the option to use your own coverage or purchase coverage through them. Either way, be prepared! If you are driving your own vehicle, it’s required to have proof of liability insurance.
  3. Will you be traveling across the border? – If traveling out of the country, auto policies typically only cover up to 50 or 100 miles across the border. If you are driving your own vehicle, you will assume the risk if you travel outside of the covered areas. If you will be renting a vehicle, check with the company to see where their coverage extends to.
  4. Check your home insurance policy – That’s right, your home policy! Personal Property coverage is extended to property away from premises, but only a certain percentage. Be sure you have enough to cover the belongings you will be traveling with and increase if necessary.
  5. RV/Motorhome Insurance – Camping is a widely popular activity in our country. If you’ll be traveling with an RV or motorhome, be sure to have it insured as it is not covered under your home or auto insurance policy. There are several different types of coverages and endorsements offered by different carriers so talk to your agent to find a policy that’s right for you.

Use these tips when planning your next road trip. These will help you prevent a financial loss and provide peace of mind while traveling. Always remember to plan well, drive safe, take the road less traveled!


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