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December 2, 2016
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October 18, 2017

Art is everywhere. It is music, drawing and painting, poetry, sculpting, building, and so much more. If you’ve read my past newsletters you have probably by now learned that I love music, cooking, and many other hobbies. As a child, I always loved art…anything that could let my creativity run wild! There is something very therapeutic about creating a new piece of art. Every attention to detail in the smallest brush stroke or shading can change the entire appearance of a picture. The greatest thing about art is that it is yours. It does not have to be perfect, you may add to it or change it over time, but it is individual and unique. Art is designed by you and is appreciated and adored by those who surround you.


Over my career, I have spent time with many families to create their own life insurance plan. As I have gotten back to drawing and painting recently, it makes me realize that building a life insurance plan is much like art. While painting may provide the artist an escape and peace of mind, it can provide loved ones and observers pleasure and comfort. A life insurance plan provides a family with peace of mind and assurance that if a loved one passes prematurely, their family will be able to continue doing things they love and enjoy life without financial burden.


So what does it mean to create a life insurance plan? As any artist will tell you, it starts with a vision. What are your end goals? What does the picture mean to you emotionally? As an insurance agent, these are very similar questions that I ask the families I work with. What are your goals for your family? How would you feel knowing that you can maintain a standard of living or continue living without financial worries if your loved one was gone?


As we tie in creating a life insurance plan and art, I would like to share a poem entitled, “The Promise”.


The Promise


I am a piece of paper, but even more…


I am an idea.

I am a promise.

I help men and women see visions, dream dreams, and achieve economic mortality.

I am education for the children.

I am savings.

I am also property that increases in value from year to year.

I lend money when you need it most, with no questions asked.

I pay off the mortgage so that the family can remain together in its own home.

I create, manage and distribute property.

I am the great emancipator from want.

I guarantee the continuity of business…I protect the jobs of employees…I conserve the employer’s investment.

I’m tangible evidence that a man is a good husband and father and that a woman is a good wife and mother.

I provide cash if illness, injury, old age or death cuts off the breadwinners’ income.

I am the only thing that one spouse can buy on the installment plan that the other spouse doesn’t have to finish paying for.

I bring dignity, peace of mind, and security to the latter years of life.

I guarantee that there will always be Christmas with tinsel, a happy fireside, and the laughter of children, even though mother or father is not there.

I am the guardian angel of the home.



As I leave you with this poem, I encourage you to create art with your loved ones, envision your dreams, and design a life insurance plan that is for you, by you.

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