“Since no one knows the future,
who can tell someone else what is to come?”

-Ecclesiastes 8:7

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CLJ Risk Management

Life is an adventure. At CLJ Risk Management, we want to be there through all stages - the thrill of getting your very first car or home, getting married, having a baby, starting a business, or retiring. But we also understand that life will throw you curveballs. Unfortunately, natural disasters occur, accidents happen, lawsuits can cause bankruptcy, and death is inevitable. Through our consultative approach, we identify potential risk exposures and implement strategic plans to protect your family, personal and business assets, and finances.

CLJ Risk Management is partnered with over 40 top-rated insurance carriers. Our services save you time and energy by shopping and comparing coverage and rates. We help you understand the subtle differences in policies offered by competing carriers, what kind of coverage you need and how much insurance you should purchase, ensuring you don't leave a gap in coverage whether resulting from inadequate limits, unclear exclusions or risk exposures you may be unaware of.

We have one simple mission: To help you achieve your financial goals, provide security for your family, and protect what you've worked so hard for.


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Others Say About Us

  • Samuel Fleming
    "Helped me save $75 a month on car insurance and they didn't charge a thing! Highly recommend this company!"
    Samuel Fleming
  • Tyler Speice
    "I reached out to Chelsey to get a quote for homeowner's and auto insurance. She was fantastic throughout the process and made the transition extremely easy. She was very responsive and attentive to me and always available. Quotes were provided quickly and best of all...she saved me a bunch of money. I would highly recommend Chelsey and CLJ Risk Management to anyone and everyone with insurance needs."
    Tyler Speice
  • Tori Nowling
    "Chelsey just saved me hundreds of dollars on car insurance with the Same coverage I had before. Being as busy I am, I don't have the time to shop around for quotes. I got the renewal on my car insurance and noticed a 650 dollar rate increase when I had no speeding tickets or wrecks, I emailed her right away and she was right on top of it. I am about to switch within the next few days all thanks to Chelsey. She also quoted us on home owners insurance back in May along with a few other people. We were first time home buyers and were not sure how everything worked. She answered all of our questions and showed such professionalism and a quick response to messages we decided to go with her quote. So glad we did!!
    Tori Nowling
  • Jean Treleaven
    "My husband and I have been very pleased with Chelsey's services at CLJ Risk Management. We have been with her for several years now for home and auto insurance. We have the utmost trust in her and know her to be a conscientious businesswoman, an active community member and a person of integrity. She stays current and well-informed in her profession and communicates monthly with her customers. Yes, she gets us very competitive rates but the most important reason we stay with CLJ is because of her service and because of the person she is."    
    Jean Treleaven
  • Terry Green
    “I just wanted to write to say that I respect you as an insurance professional, and as a first class act as a human being. We are glad to see your continued well-deserved success. You are a tribute to the insurance industry. Keep up the good work.”
    Terry Green
  • Tarja Cole
    “Chelsey Hall has helped us out with a couple of different policies now. She is fantastic! Chelsey is very knowledgeable in the insurance field, has A++ customer service, and truly cares about her clients and their needs. I highly recommend Chelsey to anybody and everybody who is looking for an insurance agent!”
    Tarja Cole
  • Tia Dodson
    “To say I received excellent service is an understatement. I always dread making changes to my insurance policies but, CLJ Risk Management was fast, efficient, and hassle free. CLJ does all the hard work for you! I would recommend their services to anyone.”
    Tia Dodson
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